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A great band with such songs as "Midnight Crush". Lead guitarist Devin Malone is fuckin' amazing!
Zero Gravity is my favorite rock band of all time. I can play all of their songs.
Por Jon 19 de junio de 2005
the best place to have sex
Teacher: What would you do if you got the chance to go to space?
Students: Have sex in zero gravity, DUH
Por facebookcreeeper 30 de marzo de 2011
Awesome song written by David Archuleta, and sang by even awesome-er Jackie Boyz.
Boy 1: Have you heard Zero Gravity by Jackie Boyz?
Boy 2: No...
Boy 1: Well you should! It's ttly AWESOME!
Por ;mxtherfxcker. 28 de julio de 2009
a typical run of the mill dickcheese also known for being an asswagon
Por razor =] 11 de mayo de 2003