An extremely beautiful girl who is always happy and makes others feel happy as well. An extraordinary girl in many ways. A kind, loving, strong, smart, funny, passionate and just plain awesome girl.
1. "Man i wish i had an Amy for my own."

2. "Holy crap, that girl must be an Amy!"

3. Girl 1: "I could be the next Amy!"

Girl 2: "You wish."
Por Rispoppa 17 de diciembre de 2010
The one. A girl who has all the guys after her but only has her eyes on one. Extremly flirtatious and beautiful, an amy is hard to catch. Once caught, an amy is loyal and will be the perfect lover and friend.

Amy's are typically a perfect match for a Brian, a man who is considered to have the whole package.
Wow. She's a total Amy.
Por kathy jade 20 de enero de 2011
An awesome person who saved me from being in a group of friends who only used me when they wanted something. She's got a great sense of humour, a massive passion for art and she's easily the best friend I've had, despite only knowing her for a few months. Don't change because you'll go far.
Amy redefines awesome.
Por Zi Mighty Boosh 14 de marzo de 2010
A girl who is adorable, sexy, cute and has a great sense of humor. She is one of the best friends a person can ever ask for. Conversations with this type of girl are enlightening and enjoyable.

Girls named Amy are polite, kind and charming. Not to mention that Amys possess amazing features such as beautiful hair that is long and flowing, cute eyes, long and sexy legs and an amazing butt. Amys also give the best hugs.

Moral - Never get on the wrong side of any girl named Amy, you will seriously regret it.
Boy 1 - Hey check that out, Who's that sexy gal?

Boy 2 - I don't know, but I guess her name must be Amy!
Por CoolIceKing 10 de junio de 2011
SOME ONE that has a Big ass booty
wow your ass is a "Amy "
Por Princess2897 25 de julio de 2011
an amazing girl who loves tacos, animals, and is super sexy
"see that sexy chick eating a taco and walking her dog ..... that's an Amy"
Por lovesfood5235 20 de mayo de 2015
An awesome friend, yet she can be slightly abusive towards annoying ginger jasmine, she is a loyal friend. She'll never abandon you, unless its for chicken.
An Amy is a wonderful human being who loves the male genitals.

Do not take any for granted or she will rip your hair out of your head.
She is known for being an amazing friend and also makes an impression on people.
Person 1: "damn, that girls such an Amy!"
Person 2: "how is she?"
Person 1: "she's such a good friend"
Por hollyisallama 14 de mayo de 2015

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