Possibly the most difficult and rigorous class offered at ANY HIGH SCHOOL! This class will determine how much stress one can go through. Even students that have a 4.0 GPA have a difficult time in this class. Some students that have a GPA of about 1.0-2.9(if possible they will get in this class!) and students that have a GPA of about 3.0-3.9 might not be recommended by their counselor unless they have at least a 85% in all of their math classes. This class is taken by mostly all Seniors and a few Juniors if possible. If a Freshman or a Sophomore was accepted to take this class...THEY WILL NOT MAKE IT OUT ALIVE AND THEIR GPA WILL HORRIBLY DROP...RAPIDLY! Especially if the teacher a student has is a dick. :(
Senior Student- "Ugh... Hell Week has officially started and now I have to pull off all nighters every 2 days to study for my lame upcoming final in AP Calculus!"

Meanwhile after school

AP Calculus Teacher-"Heh Heh Heh. I can't wait to see the look on every student's face since I threw in several Calculus II and III problems.

Final Exam Day

Senior Student- "Phew. I pulled off 3 all nighters for this piece of sh*t Final I'm about to take." *Looks at Final* "WTF?! My teacher never taught me this!"

*AP Teacher looks at student and laughs in his head* "Muhahahaha!!!"
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Por AP Legend 24 de diciembre de 2010
Top Definition
Class offered in some high schools. Introduces pretty basic mathematical concepts compared to "advanced" math. Frequently described as "impossible," "retarded," and "useless" by many students, but occasionally enjoyed by uber-nerds who later go on to become obscenely rich and hire the aforementioned students as manservants.
Joe Cool: "AP Calculus sucks monkey balls. Let's go get wasted."

Uber-nerd: "Wow, partial differential equations are fascinating. With some minor modifications, I bet these formulas could even predict the stock market..."
Por The Dawg 06 de junio de 2005
The most ridiculous math class you'll ever take in high school in which the lowest grades you'll ever make you're happy to receive. Side effects include: lack of sleep, absence of a life, and/or loss of a soul.
"Dude, I have my AP Calculus final tomorrow; FML..."
"I got a 56!"
"Way to go!" (insert high five here)
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Por Instead of Studying for Calc. 16 de diciembre de 2009
A difficult class available in high school that involves hard concepts like derivatives and integration.
I'm not taking AP calculus because it's too hard.
Por 5'1"Racer 31 de mayo de 2005
Hard. AP Calculus is the new "hard."
"That test was AP Calculus"
Por Captain Darko 21 de junio de 2004
I don't know what everybody keeps griping about. This was EASY! Especially the AP Calculus BC exam. If you want to rack your brain good and hard, go try some 'real' math first, e.g. abstract algebra or functional analysis.
AP Calculus AB student: "Oh my gawd this is SO HARD!!"

Senior Math major: "Bitch, please. I'll take related rates and integration by parts over rings and external direct products any day."
#abstract algebra #ring theory #calculus #ap exam #ap calculus bc #ap calculus ab
Por rapdechocobo 26 de octubre de 2011
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