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Another word for a ripe pussy.
Fundo wanted to put his worm in the apple, but not without a mackintosh.
Por authOOr 30 de junio de 2006
14 36
A neatly kept pussy !
why thats a fine apple you have there.
can i try some of your apple juice ?
Por Joe willbourne 27 de abril de 2005
31 53
a computer company that says its computers are better but in reality are no better and even worse than PC's, for one they are hopelessly un upgradeable and another, the newest game for mac is starcraft...makes you think doesent it?
the only good thing apple has going for it is the ipod, and b/c they suck they had to make a pc compatible version
Por Towelie 26 de febrero de 2005
56 78
1. A computer company that manufactures outdated pieces of crap for way too much money. 2. A system that is highly incapable of running any program or game in the world 3. Useless pieces of junk.
Let's go toss that apple off a 20 story building, all it does it take up space.
Por RP123 04 de mayo de 2005
58 82
Referring to a boy with a large boner. This comes from the popularly known Brady Middle School gym teacher Mr. Apple who often had a boner during class.
Joey Fatone had a huge apple while performing in rent. I was sitting in the front row, and it narrowly hit me in the face.
Por Joey Fatone 08 de enero de 2005
13 38
no big deal, nothing of importance
She's getting all pissed off over apples!
Por nena 01 de enero de 2004
30 55
alchohol, anything that gets you retarted
so can i get some apples?; those apples got me fucked up
Por Jonny Harrington 10 de diciembre de 2007
10 36