inspiring awe, also used to describe something epic.
'Hey look! What an awesome Stefan!'
Por dali95x 18 de febrero de 2012
1) Worthy of awe
2)) cool or amazing

Synonyms: Cool, Amazing
Antonyms: Lame, Uninteresting, Boring
1) Three Days Grace's album Life Starts Now is awesome!
2) That's awesome.
Por LifeIsNotLovedByAll 26 de diciembre de 2014
Dinosaurs are Awesome!
Por The Sayer_I say things 09 de octubre de 2014
Prussia is awesome.
Por qedrftgyu 20 de septiembre de 2014
Being spectacular, amazing, or jus phenomenal... Examples are The caulk team of 2014, the German soccer team, Queso, etc.
Wow I can't believe how awesome these underwear are
Por Lizzardhunter 13 de julio de 2014
Pronunciation - Aw-SUM

Adjective - (1) Likely to fail at routine things a normal human being would be able to accomplish

I launched myself into a wall trying to get back into bed. My awesomeness knows no bounds.

I'm so awesome, I just paid full price for a textbook and found out that I only need to read one chapter.
Por DaGingerbreadMan 23 de enero de 2014
Rainbow Dash.
I know, its gonna be, So.. AWESOME!
Por TotallyNotABrony 09 de noviembre de 2013

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