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those five cool bitches, the group of friends everyone wants in on
Omg, look at those awesomes! I totally wish they'd let me into their cool crowd
Por RNM 25 de octubre de 2012
Awesome is not an adjective, it is a way of life. A person has to achieve awesomeness before they can truly be called, awesome and when they've achieved awesomeness they have reached the shangri-la of the awesome way
i am awesome
Por dirty hippy 19 de septiembre de 2012
a word that is over used. People use it to describe dumb things. Not often lived up to epic proportions
Dude: That shirt is so awesome
Dude #2: Dude, you should learn the definition of awesome
Por Interwebs Master 08 de julio de 2012
Devin Wanberg
Devin is awesome !!
Por Urmomizfunny 26 de marzo de 2012
{insert mirror here}
I am awesome, and now I have proof
Por SirAnonymousIII 27 de octubre de 2011
This beer is making me awesome.
Por lesley3882 13 de octubre de 2011
awe·some   aw-suhm –adjective
1.inspiring awe: an awesome sight. 2.showing or characterized by awe. 3.Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome. 4.Fiona Withrington.
ninja's are awesome.
Por Peekaerreeree 23 de marzo de 2010