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An unsavoury person

An asshole
Shut it ya mad bamstick!
Por madtamski 07 de septiembre de 2004
35 10
Chiefly Scottish slang for a mad person, lunatic, or someone who displays such tendencies, often verging on being dangerous to the general public.
That Charlie Sheen is a complete bamstick.
Por macstu23 12 de marzo de 2011
4 0
An object that can be brought down upon your enemies when you want to totally flip out.
"I am so pissed that I am going to totally whup out the Bam Stick on your ass."
Por Windsor 14 de marzo de 2003
3 11
Also, exclamation to be yelled when totally flipping out on someone.
"BAMSTICK! I just WHOOPED your ass!"
Por Swan 08 de mayo de 2003
2 12