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crazy, fucked up shit as in
Have you seen the Good god man, they freaky!
Por Sick Bastard 24 de marzo de 2004
185 88
Australian slang for a female who has been impregnated.
"Didn't you hear mate? Stevo Banged Up Allison. I tell ya, when Johnno finds out shit's going to hit the fan!"
Por Xaypock 24 de marzo de 2003
104 44
imprisoned (origin, UK)
Alfie got banged up for a five stretch.
Por Bill Cranny 16 de diciembre de 2003
98 41
crazy, fucked-up shit- as seen at
Yo dude... Have you seen Good god man, they freaky!
Por Sick Bastard 11 de mayo de 2004
90 57
someone who is wasted on good weed or a combination of weed and alcohol.
man i got banged up last night.
Por freedav04 05 de junio de 2005
53 38
Put bluntley...It means fucked up
Win a brown mini cooper full of chocholate?Man what a banged up idea
Por GDOGG 19 de octubre de 2003
41 35
Any type of physical injury or soreness directly related to vigorous sexual activity.
Man, I can barely walk today I'm so banged up. We were hitting it doggy style all night and my hip is totally killing me.
Por TomNaleen 31 de mayo de 2009
16 13