BIG DICK HUNT!!!, three easy words

that easily describe this is either....
When its bigger than a girls wrist,
long live BDH
#huge #big #anti-small #magnum #to big
Por LOL_i_got_your_girl 05 de julio de 2011
Top Definition
BDH is a crew based in South Florida that has been known to attend local shows since the early 2000's. Although they have a reputation of being "aggressive", they do not go around looking for fights. They simply just share a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness over their BDH brethren. That being said, instigating a confrontation with any one of them would not be wise. They will not hesitate to get physical, so be weary.

One of their most notorious beatings ended in the victim having to be carried out on a Trauma Hawk helicopter, and in need of reconstructive surgery.. All charges were dropped.

BDH over the years has earned a nasty and well deserved reputation. Some crimes they have committed have left physical and emotional scars for many. Needless to say, BDH has suffered for those times when they "took it too far". Although they do not regularly attend shows anymore, they are still very well known for their group antics and organized crime. They partake in late night robberies and on occasion, just destroying undeserving vehicles, property, or anything else at their fingertips. Some members have turned away from the crime and now show their loyalty by graffiti. Their graffiti tags virtually can be seen throughout the entire state of Florida.
Dan: Hey lets not go to that party tonight. I heard BDH is gonna be there and i just feel unsafe.

Eric: I understand. Plus, I don't my car getting broken into.
#crew #gang #crime #florida #brutal
Por B. Concerned 04 de febrero de 2010
A South Florida gang fueled by white supremacy and their hate for all dare to stand in their way. This gang is to be considered heavily armed and dangerous. Gang affiliates can mostly be found in the streets of Palm Beach County. This is a gang that is very respected in the hard-core scene because of their brutal reputation.
Be cautious because BDH runs this neighborhood.
#bdh #bdh crew #bdh gang #florida gang #gang
Por R. Coyote 20 de noviembre de 2009
bdh is a crew in South Florida that doesn't take shit form anyone and always have each other's backs. Law enforcement has classified them as a gang but that is not how the affiliates and close friends see it. They are very similar to FSU (Friends Stand United) in their beliefs and and actions they take to keep their name untarnished. Many members live the straight edge lifestyle and are firm believers in it while other members partake in drinking activities. They do not discriminate against anyone which is why the bonds they make with each other become so strong. However, if you disrespect a member there is a pretty great chance that you will get your teeth pushed in. bdh has been around for enough time to earn a not so great reputation because of their "gang-like" activities and criminal mischief.
I wouldn't talk shit to that guy if i were you. He's got bdh ties and you could wind up seriously hurt.
#bdh #fsu #crew #gang #south florida #hardcore
Por XFred Stephen UllomX 05 de diciembre de 2010
A black dick hoe is a white woman who dates or fucks black guys. In the southern culture this is looked down upon, and a BDH is no longer welcome in a white males household.
Damn, when did all these BDH's start making there way to alabama?

"That girl is sexy"
"She may be pretty, but sexy is out of the question. She is over there with that nigger."

"Fuck these BDH's, they are ruining the world"
#bdh #black #dick #hoe #disgusting
Por bdhhater 26 de mayo de 2009
A bunch of washed up fags that have nothing going on in their lives, that grew up in caring suburban middle to upper class households, but somehow these "Hardcore" (Hence the Quotations) 20 somethings had the bright idea to go to local shows to beat up teenagers and middle schoolers. and they accomplish this under the guise of darkness, and group antics. They are complete pussies. Cowardice is a choice word.

They will pay for their transactions and I hope they don't fuck with the wrong person. because after all these kids have kind caring parents, who would cry if their kid came home smiling from his neck. and a sweet home with all the commodities. I guess these kids are just going through teenage angst late in their lives. or their parents aren't giving them their daily allowance and are getting berated for not having a job or doing something productive with their lives.

They live in West palm beach. in the prestigious wellington area.
Eric - Hey you see those BDH fags.

Jay - Yea, they are wearing the same shirt. Definitely makes it easier for me to point out the douches.

Eric - They are just toooo cute.
#bdh #faggots #pussies #homos #google #image #fag #and #you #will #see
Por B. Wolverine. 28 de diciembre de 2009
Bexley Die Hards.
A Hard-Core Vicious Gang That Comes From Bexley.
Their Main Color Is Green And They Don't Take Shit From Anyone.
Ron:Dude, BDH Is A Fake Gang.
Hayden:Ha Ha, Yeah.
#gang #bexley #die hards #bdh #awesome
Por Hayden7 11 de febrero de 2007
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