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a huge gut obtained from drinking massive quantities of beer
Look at all the old guys with their beer bellies hanging out of their tye dye shirts and leather jackets. I love them
Por beer belly 07 de septiembre de 2003
199 35
A massive accumulation of mass oftenly influenced by excesive consumption of alcohol. This mass will protrude from the abdomen region of a humans body. Often proudly exhibitioned by heavy drinkers.
Phil was slingin his beer belly with more flamboyancy than his wang!
Por dj_sp_if 22 de marzo de 2005
122 36
a protruberant belly (not neccesarrily caused by drinking too much beer)
By the time he was 13 he had a enourmus beer belly.
Por Light Joker 09 de julio de 2004
91 31
a bulging, jiggling, vat of fat for a gut exclusively grown from a diet of hops and barley (beer).
Mick has a huge beer belly from sitting on his idle fat arse and drinking so much beer instead of working or getting laid.
Por Lance McClelland 16 de agosto de 2006
63 25
a man who drinks beers heavily and cause him to appear like Pregnant woman.
John cant see his penis because of his beerbelly.
Por anonymous 29 de marzo de 2003
20 1