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An unremarkable, careful man who avoids risk and confrontation. Beta males lack the physical presence, charisma and confidence of the Alpha male.
Pete knew he was losing the girl he'd just met at the bar to the guy who bought her a drink, but he was too much of a beta male to do anythigng about it.
Por Ben Frey 08 de abril de 2006
The opposite of Alpha male. In modern society an Alpha male not only requires physical prowess, but also confidence and attitude. The Beta male of modern society usually, only has one of these traits, if any. The Beta male tends to be smart, quiet and unconfrontational. If lucky, beta males can get a hot chick once in her 30's, after she's tired of fucking the Alpha Males, and decides to settle down with a beta male for money and stability.
Alpha Males get everything, Beta Males get the left overs. It's a little thing called "Life"..
Por kakarotch 18 de septiembre de 2007
In the animal kingdom, the alpha male is the dominant member of the community. He’s like a cartoon caveman, commanding deference. The betas are wingmen, collaborative and conciliatory. In human terms, betas make the best mates. They do more in the house, and probably in the bedroom, because they know how to hasten the greater good. The beta has poetry in him, and a touch of youthful idealism. He’s sure of who he is, and not constantly trying to prove his value in materialistic terms. (Alpha: Your expensive car doesn’t make you interesting.) The beta can earn a lot of money, or a little, but the money’s not the thing; he profits because he works well with others.

There’s something rebellious about the beta male; he challenges the social order rather than succumbing to it. The beta male doesn’t buy in to the basest stereotypes about male behavior, and that’s hugely sexy.
That guy is so unassuming, affable and genuine. I wonder if he's a Beta Male...
Por Psychgrad 10 de julio de 2009
A man who is content with nontraditional gender roles; i.e., he is not threatened by intelligent and/or powerful women, and he does not have to be in control of every situation to maintain his sense of self. (Frequently, he does manifest a quiet kind of confidence and control over his surroundings, but it's not important to him that this is noticed by others.)

A beta male is often introverted, intelligent, and introspective. Though he may have been branded a "nerd" growing up, the adult beta is frequently a thoughtful, capable, and fascinating individual whom many women find appealing.

Alpha males, especially those of lesser intelligence and abilities, tend to feel threatened by beta males, who are increasingly preferred by women in modern times.
Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Jim Halpert (The Office) are famous examples of beta males.
Por Kat8210 19 de septiembre de 2010
To be a bitch like male
a beta male in all entirety. To be a female in a male body . To have your wife be more of a man than you.

Eg - sash is a major beta male
Por Basedgodofbaseness 24 de abril de 2015
The type of guy who doesn't flex, attempt to demonstrate his self worth in obnoxious or superficial ways, but instead exercises real life control; without announcement, or for the sake of publicity.

The type of guy who gets lots of pussy quietly. This is because he is usually more intelligent and more sophisticated than the average alpha male and therefore is more strategic in pursuing his goals- short and long-term.

If a beta male is particularly good looking, or charismatic he is usually, is primed to be a babe magnet as this combined with the previous make for an intriguing and alluring character for women. for this type of super-beta male, It is ironically common for them to fuck the sister, cousins or girlfriends of well known alpha males in smaller social circles. Because of to the secretive and reclusive nature of the beta. The beta is able to away with this because he's smart enough to keep his mouth shut, and move stealthy though out a social circle while the alphas pride themselves on announce their sexual aversions openly.

For example, most people would classify the spy 007 (James Bond) of as an Alpha male , but when looking more closely at his traits and attributes he and most stealth assassins are defiantly Betas

another illustration: Due to the alpha males overly aggressive nature Alpha males are most likely to become a pimps, while beta males more smooth and laid back nature make them more poised to be more of a players.
when it comes to life many alpha males are loud and attention seeking therefore exposing themselves to their enemies and loosing the war, while the beta males sit back calculate and collect payment, and interest on the back end.
Por Dr. Knowlege 21 de abril de 2016
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