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Meaning your friend, mate. stems from the word blud.
"Oi blah chuck us that beer!"
Por Oki3 22 de julio de 2006
2 23
A blah is a vagina. Queers and Australians (no relation between those too, of course. :p) typically refer to the vagina as a blah. When the word vagina is said quickly, it can sometimes be mistaken for the word blah.
Go stick it in your blah!

I told Brenton's mother to stick it in her blah, but she didn't hear me.

Last week, I got Stacy to take her pants off and show me her floppy blah. It was nasty.
Por Atrex 18 de diciembre de 2005
4 49
throwing up or puking
That sushi made me wanna go blah.
Por chris 18 de noviembre de 2002
8 78
a word oftentime used out of sheer randomness, other times used to substitute for other words you don't want to say or really don't have a word for, can also mean dull or boring
"How was your day today?"
"It was very blah."
Por bloodyangelz0 19 de diciembre de 2003
125 319