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cro-magnon status; sloped forhead, minimal intelligence
andrew is boog
Por Anonymous 10 de abril de 2003
a circuit city sales counselor who eats his boogers and plays golf,
Por bob 05 de abril de 2003
a shtoo, normally indicated by squished toe and random retardations.
Cindy is a boog, you can tell by her Starbuckle.
Por Nate 14 de julio de 2004
Nickname for the young and talented J-Boog of hot sensation B2K.
He looks so good, especially in person
Por Josie 27 de noviembre de 2003
a booger hanging from yr nose
u have a boog hanging
Por Jay 14 de mayo de 2003
Not a black person you racist son f a bitch.
Cletus is the real Boog, let's lynch him.
Por Maria 11 de marzo de 2003
Boog = Blog that is written in a similar way as a book or contains parts of a real printed book. Starting with the story, layout including index, chapters, page format etc.

Blook = Book originating from a blog
This boog received a good reputation all over the internet.
Por plxp 30 de septiembre de 2014