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the quality of expressing much in few words
To a Loved family member that ya don't get to talk to much: "WTH! You're online this is so great, I've so much to tell you. I Love You! I've met the man/woman of my dreams, I got that job I've been working so hard for. How are you?!" Reply from family member: "Nice, but I can't talk now, I've GTG!!! I'm sorry." You: "Wow I can't believe the brevity you are showing." Family member: "Huh?"
Por Mstrss 02 de mayo de 2009
23 8
short duration.
Most of us have heard Shakespeare's quote "brevity is the soul of wit" but most of us would like to know what the fuck it means
Por your_daddy 12 de agosto de 2008
16 6
The soul of wit
Brevity is gold, for life is short and my attention span shorter.
Por FigurinOutLife 23 de septiembre de 2005
34 26