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A name for someone who is buff or muscular or highly narcissitic.
Paul is a buffdaddy...
Por Kid 25 de enero de 2004

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One who subscribes to the furry way.
I see you are dressed up as a buffdaddy.. that alarms me
Por Chimp 06 de junio de 2004
Raging furmonster; his lust for life is never quenched by the situation at hand.
"Guys; I think BuffDaddy's life is cock. :("
Por element 17 de agosto de 2004
To be either extremely well built or, can be used ironically to point out that an individual lacks musculature definition.

A play on words derived from the artist Sean 'Puffy' Combes.
You sure are a buff daddy, you been working out?
Por Bjern Fita 10 de marzo de 2005
The person that is in charge of a group of people that unfortunatly has a case of the shiney head syndrom,so much so that it looks like they have there forehead specially buffed everyday in one of those bowling ball cleaner machines.
"Wheres gareth gone, i need to get these reports signed off and i need his authorisation" , "Your gonna have to wait, I think Buff Daddy is in a meeting at the moment"
Por shiney shiners 31 de julio de 2006
Gots the stuff
BuffDaddy fucked me and i liked it
Por BuffDaddy 19 de enero de 2004