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abbreviation for "Butt Ugly"

not to be mistaken with bugger
"man that new kid is buggers.."
Por freakshow4hire 31 de octubre de 2007
To Insert A Penis Into The Anus Of An Animal Or Human Being!
Oh, Bugger Me!
Por Korps 30 de diciembre de 2003
A sodomizing Bulgarian.
The very cute boy who kidnapped girls in Jamaica was a bugger.
Por Brittany 05 de enero de 2005
A nasal scraping derived from inhaled soil and mixed with nasal secretions and dried.
Dale dug and dug into his nose until he removed a bugger the size of a dime. He quickly flicked it across the school room and it landed in Sally's hair.
Por Richard Black 10 de marzo de 2005
a person who has sexual intercourse with a different species
sometimes pat humps his dog
Por lulu 19 de febrero de 2005
a swear word. it doesnt really mean anything but neither do alot of swear words. Or parents.
person who just stubber their foot; bugger!
Por fayth 01 de junio de 2005
Is a person who practices ano-sex on dead animals.
When a male shoves his penis up a dead animals ass and pretends its another male or a female.
Por Joe 05 de abril de 2005