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a popular word among motorcyclists and bicyclists for four wheeled motor vehicle drivers. The term is often used in a derogative sense, because the car body effectively forms a cage, isolating the said driver from having to interact with other road users.

The term was coined by motorcyclists.
Some ignorant cager nearly hit me while I was biking. Idiot obviously wants a U-lock to the face.
Por Falkon 06 de noviembre de 2006
725 130
automobile driver, trapped in their own cage.
Cagers are sitting in traffic jams again.
Por Paul Johnson 12 de noviembre de 2003
413 231
A basketball player. Professional basketball began in 1896 in New York City and was at one time played on courts enclosed by wire mesh, or cages.
The cagers played hard that afternoon.
Por Jehsom 30 de marzo de 2004
236 239
Assholes who box in motorcycle drivers with their vehicles(usually not motorcycles) on multi-lane highways, often with deadly results.
Did you hear about Bob?

No. What happened?

He got hit, run over, dragged dismembered, decapitated and killed by Cagers on the 401.
Por Brusselssprouts 03 de agosto de 2013
7 16
Someone who masturbates thinking or looking at nicholas cage photos, while listening to the soundtrack of any of his films circa 1990's.
Bro.. Tonys a total cager, i heard him beating it to "Wild at heart" the other day.
Por apostalate 01 de junio de 2013
22 35
A now seldom-used term for a basketball player
Lincoln High's cagers defeated Roosevelt last night, 58-55.
Por Ross 17 de enero de 2004
208 240
A term used by motorcyclists to describe someone driving a four wheeled vehicle.
That cager just cut me off!
Por Garrat9 20 de octubre de 2003
917 1287