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when you shoot a girl in the back with a load and it dries overnight. in the morning you peel it off and feed it to her for breakfast potato chip style
i fed holly a califrnia potato chip
Por spanky 25 de mayo de 2003
244 71
The puddle of his-n-her goo left on the sheets after fucking. Once dry, it can be peeled off the sheets and eaten like a thin, crispy potato chip.
Ew! Are we having California Potato Chips for breakfast again? I'd better go to the grocery store today.
Por Satan 20 de octubre de 2003
126 65
When semen lands on leather upholstry, dries, and is able to be peeled off resembling a potato chip.
My boyfriend has been up to something because I found a california potato chip on his leather sofa.
Por stahlout 15 de septiembre de 2006
58 42
Dried sperm on clothing.
After riding the bus home from the strip club, Ehud was sporting a California potato chip on his shorts from losing it while getting a lap dance.
Por Ehud Avni 22 de agosto de 2010
22 21
when you cum on a girls back wait till it dries then scoup it up with a potato chip and eat it
i cummed on justin wu's moms back and then had a california potato chip
Por chris wheeler100 23 de junio de 2008
20 50
a potato chip made in california
Por Blah 30 de octubre de 2003
57 137