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British slang for stoned, i.e. the effect you get from inhaling marijuana fumes. Recommended.

Other variations include mashed, blazed and 'totally out of it dude'.
"Mate, I'm well caned."
Por daveeee 13 de julio de 2004
321 127
Really off your head on alcohol or (esp.) drugs
Man I got proper caned off that K last night
Por piffy 12 de junio de 2003
63 35
To be caned -to be beaten at something by a large amount.
To cane - to beat by a lot, win by large amount.
Obama caned that election.
Por rolleson 05 de noviembre de 2008
34 15
To cause pain or, for one to be in pain
1. Man it canes if you put a joint out on your tongue

2. It caned when I fell off my chair
Por Miguel of neath 13 de julio de 2004
59 42
was you caned at school?Aye!(Ali g)
Por Anonymous 23 de julio de 2003
41 28
Multi-context word. In Australian slang, means to express a feeling retated to force, pain, stress, etc. Can be used as an adjective, adverb, or verb.
Man, I had five cop cars chasing me when I was caning up the freeway.

My legs caned after that run the other day.

Mate, if you don't get outa my face, I'm gunna cane the crap outta you...

Por Stevo the Devo 14 de marzo de 2008
16 12