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1)A poor mexican.
2)A Hispanic who has Black Blood (Ex.African Amreican) or Half Black and Half LAtin
Por anonymous 08 de febrero de 2003
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to lose face and be put in an embarrassing situation by your own doing or by others...
verb : choped
1)Jim asked his friends if the movie "The departed" would have a sequel.It would suffice to say that his friends choped him.

2)Student:I got the fucking chope of my life in my final exam...
Por james.techie 18 de enero de 2010
61 32
The act of reserving your place.
Commonly used in Singapore to refer to the practice of reserving a table in a hawker centre by leaving a packet of tissues on the table.
Wah.. cannot chope with a basket!
Por n4blue 08 de febrero de 2011
24 11
C h o p e;

Adj. That face u make and that sound u squeak out when you walk into the bathroom right after someone just took a massive dump and didn't flush.
>_<' chope
Por Arrif_Ziaudeen 02 de diciembre de 2013
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Short for ChangeHope.
Reporter: How do you plan to balance the budget?
Obama: CHope

Reporter: I know you have Hope and you want Change, but how are you going to achieve it?
Obama: CHope

Reporter: ...
Por Timmy Timmy!! 30 de agosto de 2008
30 42
short for Change Hope
Obama: Change Hope Change Hope Hope Change Hope CHOPE!
Por LuciferxFatality 25 de diciembre de 2008
14 30
To accidentally inhale someone else’s eructation or flatus.
That was a nasty belch I just choped.
Por chewbecca 01 de septiembre de 2006
8 38