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The hand of choice (left or right) in which you primarily utilize in handling cocks (your own, others' etc.)
In the movie Phone Booth, Colin Farrell slaps a prostitute on the hand to which she exclaims: Bitch, you gone done wrecked my cock hand!
Por BDT 02 de diciembre de 2004
38 16
A game played whereby one person puts their hands down their pants, fondles their cock and then proceeds to rub their hand onto an unsuspecting persons face.
1. "I was walking to the kitchen yesterday and Sebastian jumped out from behind the wall and got me square in the face, what a fag"

2. "Cockhands!"
Por storkman 15 de enero de 2008
10 1
A disease that occurs when a dude takes a leak holding his cock in his hand, then proceeds to leave the bathroom without washing.

Each person that man then shakes hands with is infected with cock hand.

Soap will kill all traces of the disease.
Mitch took a leak at taco bell, didn't wash and then proceeded to go back to making tacos. Damn now everyone is infected with cock hand.
Por Lemon Lysol 29 de enero de 2004
19 13
1. The hand that you use to give a hand job.

2. The hand that a male uses to wank off with

Good thing that bitch opened my brew for me - I might have hurt my COCKHAND.


My COCKHAND has been getting a real workout.
Por Redbeaver 14 de diciembre de 2004
9 5
An insult, similar to dickhead first used by Vince of Swack fame.
"Shut up you cockhand!"
Por Vincent Pirez 06 de mayo de 2006
6 3
Anyone who leaves the restroom and does not wash their hands after handling their manhood.
I made sure to use a paper towel to open the doors as I returned from the restroom. Richard Gutierrez, also known as cockhands, had not washed his hands once again.
Por srjg 30 de marzo de 2010
2 0
A term given to the one unlucky enough to have phallic projections instead of fingers, rather like ten dick digits. This person will usually be really cackhanded, retarded, and a bit of a dickweed.
mohsin :whoah i just realised my fingernails are foreskins!
Callum: "shut up cockhands you fag"
Por scallum 03 de diciembre de 2005
5 6