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southwest louisiana slang for crazy,stupid,ignorant,dumb,educated fool,ridiculous,foolish
Dat boy aint got no sense... he cooyon!
Por Sidewalk Tha Villain 08 de agosto de 2008
30 7
One egg short a dozen, not the brightest bulb in the pack, slow, crazy and cajun
If you were to ask a COOYON if Mr. Boudreaux was to tell him to jump off the bridge, would he do it.

And his answer is "Not Again", he could be a COOYON.
Por COOYON 26 de octubre de 2007
22 9
the cajun slang word for a stupid person.
he is too kmuch of a cooyon to kow better.
Por Lee 06 de mayo de 2005
54 41
cajun word for stupid
what are you dumbass cooyon!
Por Lee 06 de mayo de 2005
20 14