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In skateboarding, it is when the board lands 90 degress between your legs and you land on top of it. Like a giant credit card between your legs.
Little Bob: oooooo.. credit carded.
Por Robatedave 27 de julio de 2008
39 16
means almost got yo nuts blasted. comonly used for skateboarders.
bro I almost got creditcarded when i was board sliding that hand rail.
Por RCWEEZY 20 de octubre de 2006
9 3
The extremely painful act of running a credit card between a guys balls.
Rick: Whoa, she must be pissed!
Jeff: Yeah man, she was so mad i thought she might credit card me!
Rick: thank god she didn't. I hear getting credit carded hurts like a bitch!
Por pleasedont 14 de julio de 2009
7 23