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Expletive. Another word for CRAP.
see also "piece of criz" or "criznap"
Piece of criz! I dropped my favorite Hall & Oates record in the storm drain!
Por Stupidvan 20 de marzo de 2003
marijuana, pot, weed.

Let's smoke some criz
Por dansonn 01 de septiembre de 2007
a hot piece of arse
Paul: Dude, did you see her?
John: Yeah! She's a criz!
Por Kenny Lipagora 24 de febrero de 2009
Some ugly person's name.
Hey Criz, want me to punch you!?
Yeah sure...
Por en esse en 06 de marzo de 2003
Another word for butt crust. Same thing but different.
Wipe that CRIZ boy!
Por en esse en 06 de marzo de 2003