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Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. The only high school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The second most ethnically diverse public school in the country. Loved or hated by its students.
Man, I love going to CRLS!
Man, I hate going to CRLS!
Por Jake Throckmorton 05 de mayo de 2005
49 17
Diminutive of the Portuguese slang term for penis, 'caralho'. Used to show you're annoyed about something, or to reflect strong emotion. Can translate as 'fuck'.
"I just got owned! CRL!"
"po crl" (fuck you)
Por wstalzarion 03 de enero de 2005
12 3
Charging Rhino Legs. Legs that are a thick as a rhinos'. Usually reserved for fat/overweight people.
"Damn, that bitch's got a set of CRLs!"
Por lavandrix 14 de octubre de 2007
8 9
Capital Roundup Live.
Let's watch CRL!
Por anonymous 18 de octubre de 2003
3 4