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a way of saying pussy
Elijah and Anthony got mad cudi last night
Por antstevemattygoadbrownierogers 10 de abril de 2009
sneaky, tricky, clever, not easily noticed or recognized
Lobo isn't even cudi about stealing shit from the Market.
Por lolott 24 de octubre de 2010
Can U Dig It?!!!! Slang text when you want to ask a question, like so, Can U Dig It?!!
Person 1 says: So girl are you going to the bar tonight? Person 2: Nah, I gotta work late. C.U.D.I.?!! Person 1: I feel ya!
Por MissTT 08 de febrero de 2011
Cudi is a new style of music, smooth talking a track with straight flow
The way KiD CuDi sings is known as CuDi
Por Robby_Bobby 20 de septiembre de 2009
describing anything dope, real, fresh, or all around cudi worthy....
damn benny, did you hear that new .dlh track, thats some real cudi shit!

those hoes ate the last burrito, NOT cudi....
Por FILLIPEDAWEEDMAN 19 de junio de 2009
(n) when one is very high.
my guy i am soo cudi right now
Por solo Dolo15 16 de marzo de 2010