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1.)a person or thing that is particularly gay or douchey.

2.) a woman(hopefully) that, after the man ejaculates in the womans mouth, she gargles the jizz.
hey that kids is a fucking fag!!

yea hes a cumguzzler!
Por the main cumguzzler 04 de febrero de 2011
4 10
Noun; One who not only practices flacio, but has the desire to injest no less than 8 oz of male love juice each week. Related words: Hoe Bag, slut, skank, Shorttie
Dam that girl was really taking it strong in her word hole ya'll. Then she really showed her cumguzzler qualities by taking on, or shouldi say taking "in," the entire football team later that night.
Por manlaw 26 de julio de 2006
25 36
(n.) an alternative to asshole, cocksucker, etc. used between my friends and i when joking around or annoyed.
"dammit cindy, you cum-guzzler, i don't wanna know all the details you giving gavan a bj!"
Por that weird kid next door 10 de abril de 2007
3 15
One who goes into a retail store and badgers the sales people with a bunch of stupid questions and then leaves without making a purchase.
We don't sell those here you cumguzzling old bastard!
Por Kodybear 20 de mayo de 2005
6 22
one who swallows large ammonts of seman
i aint kissin that ho that bitch is a cum guzzler
Por diesel 14 de febrero de 2005
33 51
one who repairs damages furniture.
The cum-guzzler came by at 8 p.m. to repair my table.
Por Adibisi Johansen 05 de marzo de 2004
16 47