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Cuty is really cutie for stupid people who dont know how to right. (write)
Omg, your such a cuty
Por Mhedaya 11 de abril de 2005
to be pissed off reall bad
you've but cutys
Por fat batch 18 de marzo de 2004
Abbreviated from "cutie" or A wrong word of "cute"
Jap usually write like this.
M: What does "cuty" stand for?
F: Perhaps It seems a wrong word of "cute"
Por Ki Dae-Heon 31 de agosto de 2004
A girl's very small boobies that it doesn't look sexy, but still very cute because the owner still confident with it.
(On Erin O'Connor) Her pair of cuties sure need the boob-job, but she never thinks it's a very important think to do.
Por indie-lily 11 de enero de 2008