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The comment Facebookers say when expressing their objection for something, purely because Facebook doesn't have a Dislike button.
Brad: This essay sucks.
-Jack: Yeah. Dislike.
Por Jasian66x 10 de mayo de 2009
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The nice way of saying you hate someone
I don't hate you, I dislike you!
Por Family Guy rocks 20 de febrero de 2005
A common phrase in response to overly negative self-pitying posts on Facebook.
"I am in a terrible mood. My mom told me to clean up my room, and then I had to write an essay." Response: "Dislike"
Por Optipus 25 de febrero de 2010
people who are missing two fingers
I feel so bad for the dislike person right there.
Por Someguywho 29 de junio de 2011

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