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Well this sucks, or oooowell
DOP a crab just bit my foot.
DOP! my life sucks I just found out I have an STD.
Por Zacheria 23 de julio de 2008
38 20
South African slang, refers to alcoholic drinks.
I'm so sad, I have no more dop to drink.
I'm out of money for dop.
Por Smarties 24 de junio de 2005
50 34
'Double Oral Penetration'

The proces of inserting two male genitals into a females mouth
Always DOP on the bright side of life
Por Freek de koala 08 de febrero de 2011
19 6
A slang word originating in Southwestern Ontario, used to show agreement, say 'I agree' or describe something particularly pleasing. Was started by lazy people describing things as 'dope', eventually dropping the e.
Friend 1: Hey man, you want to come bowling with us later tonight?
Friend 2: Dop.

Floyd Fan: That Laser Floyd show last night was so dop!
Por MeltedOzark 16 de abril de 2011
12 5
Acronym for Dual Ovary Punch, punching both ovaries at the same time, using both fists.
Anne - Don't do that.
Sally - What are you going to do about it?
Anne - DOP.
Por Shon! 22 de mayo de 2008
17 11
Defier Of Physics - Pertaining to a woman's awesome boobage.
Joe: "How's Jennifers tits?"
Aaron: "Dude, she's a total D.O.P."
Joe: "Luuuuuucky!"
Por IM_AN_ASSMAN_SLASH_TITMAN 31 de octubre de 2012
2 0
a dress top
Is that a top? No, its a dop
Por fagty 30 de noviembre de 2010
8 6