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Deep Throat Fisting. Name says it all, you shove your fist down someones throat.
"I DTF:ed that bitch so deep I think I was fingering her at the same time"
Por ULD 10 de diciembre de 2009
253 288
Damn That's Funny
Me: Will you marry me?
Her: You're kidding right? DTF!
Por M3nt!on 05 de abril de 2010
22 62
"dont trust faggots" :)

something to say when your parents ask what it really means.
MOM: what does dtf mean?
SON: umm,
MOM: !!!!
SON: uhh,
MOM: hahaa.
Por tweakz 10 de abril de 2009
20 62
Drug Task Force.

Just a big group of people, a dick splatter that try prevent people from producing or trafficving illict drugs.
Cam: Fuck the DTF, fuck fuck fuck fuck the DTF, yo fuck'em
DTF: This is the WA State DTF, come out with your hands up!
Por Chops-cazbot 17 de junio de 2009
2 46
Down to fuck
yo is that chick DTF or what?
Por Tyner 10 de julio de 2008
344 389
"Down to Fight"

Startes as a small group in south Florida who band together when friends are in need. Now, it's a crew of hardcore fans who stick up for each other at shows and dont take shit from anybody.
"dont mess with him dude, he's DTF!"
Por hXcfan772 01 de mayo de 2008
20 76
A web acronym that stood for "Down To Fuck?" that carried itself into the real world vernacular.
boy: hey girl you DTF?
girl: damn right after that I want to toss your salad too.
Por nobo 26 de abril de 2008
475 536