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Basically the easiest thing ever

Something so easy its not even funny
Person 1: Man that test was sooo ease!
Person 2: Yeah I know, sooo ease!
Por hansdg1 16 de noviembre de 2006
32 26
Activity, a question of "backing".
Ease back, hommie- Go off( e.g. I dont like you, go off)
Pull, put back. etc

"Ease up off the trigger"- pull back the trigger
I ease back home- I'm going home (does not means "go" here)
Por tha streetz 09 de junio de 2009
15 16
street term for ecstasy, pills, thizz..etc
i popped a couple ease's last night, and they were hitters.
Por SuckaFree415 10 de mayo de 2007
16 25
Easy e-mailing
Now wasn't that ease?
Por Hercolena Oliver 22 de octubre de 2008
9 23
ease ownz night2k
talk shit and gte hit with packets like night2k
Por j-j-j-junior 29 de marzo de 2003
14 37
A drunk who gets owned by night2k everyday.
One who has no flow.
"haha u a fucking ease f00!"
"benzino is a fucking ease"
Por night 29 de marzo de 2003
11 41