A young man of above average intelligence, above average looks, and a large penis that he knows how to use to the fullest of its extent. Eric typically has a following (both secret and overt) of young woman that fall in love with him easily. Eric is the ideal romantic partner, and friend. Typically Eric's are very individualistic and creative and tend to be highly successful (due to the fact they never give up). Eric is the nicest person one could know, but one would never want to cross his bad side.
That guy we went to school with made millions doing something unconventional, what an Eric
Por Jenniferita 08 de julio de 2011
The most amazing, gorgeous and sweetest guy you will ever ever meet. Honestly, this person is one of a kind. You will never be blessed with anyone else as amazing than him. He is the most perfect person. He's got a heart of gold and deserves to be treated with respect, love and care. He might find it difficult to open up because of terrible past experiences or because he fears judgement but he has to know he is simply wonderful, magical and he can share his worries with you and that you are always there for him, that you don't judge that you see him and love him for the amazing human being he is. He loves to express himself through creative forms and he excels in all of them. He's a dream come true you in every way and the most stunning person in the world. And you'll fall in with him more and more each day.
Eric is the type of guy who comes by your life only once... you will never meet another like him. He's the most amazing person and through thick and thin he will be there for you, and you there for him, what may come <3
Por you'reperfect.1 18 de junio de 2010
Eric is sweet, romantic funny, considerate, caring and supportive. He is a one of a kind, and is beyond perfect for that one LUCKY girl. He helps her with anything, and can always make her happy. He makes her believe in herself when no one else can help. Sometimes he can be weird and oh so stubborn, but thats what makes him so special. Eric has the most awesomerest fails, and always knows how to make people smile. Just by looking at him, that one lucky girl will get the biggest smile on her face. What many dont know is that he has the most sexiest singing voice that will make you feel like youre in Asian Heaven. He is every girl's ideal guy. That one lucky girl will be the most happiest person on earth.
* Eric is singing under a tree
" Omgr, whos voice is that? And who is that? So sexy"
" Eric's"
" How do you knoow?! "
" Cause.. I'm his girlfriend (: "
" Whattt?! Impossible! Youre so plain and boringg! You Luckyy B...."
" Mhm, I Know. I may be the luckierest person in the univoirse, I have Eric. I Love Him To Pieces <3"
Por GlassesCouple<3 14 de julio de 2010
a very very very very very sexy piece of bacon
I could really use an Eric right now
Por EW1029 15 de julio de 2011
Usually an alpha male that is frequently loud and brutally honest at all times. An over the top sexually active asshole who always believes he is right with his opinionated persona and obnoxiously loud voice. An out of control male normally needing a stronger female to keep him in line. Otherwise he remains out of control.
Whose the huge dominant dog in the middle of the pack? Oh its Eric.
Por Mrs. Mott 08 de septiembre de 2008
He is the type of guy a girl would want to have as a best friend. He is caring, lovable, charming, a baller, attractive, tall, and overall perfect. He will always be by your side no matter what. he is the guy that would cheer you up on a bad day, and make you laugh so hard you cry <3 He is amazing. I love you!
me: Eric are you my bff?
eric: No, i am ur best friend for eternity :)
Por your Elf 11 de mayo de 2011
The most amazing guy ever, with his sexy blue eyes and British accent. He's so charming and loveable to know him is to know greatness. He's kind and helpful but mess with those he cares about and he'll be your worst nightmare. I love him with all my heart and can't wait to be his wife. Forever and ever babe.
Eric is so wonderful and that Tori girl loves him.
Por MissTori 09 de diciembre de 2013

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