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A fantastic testicle... a fantasticle.
Ryan: Sean, you have fantasticles.
Sean: You're a creep.
Por daflubbernaut123 10 de marzo de 2010
Something that is good, great, very nice etc.
Oh my god, that movie is fantasticle
Por Butosi 17 de febrero de 2004
Fantastic Testicles
You got some fantasticles!!
Por Da Wifeys 10 de octubre de 2011
Something that is so good that you just cant even react to it so you say this
Carmen: I just got my Starbucks and im ready to party
pam: Oh my God Yesssss.. Fantasticle
Por i<3k bff 01 de junio de 2014
so awesome it exceeds fantastic. it provides excitement.
kat: did you hear the good news?
t: yeah that's so fantasticle!
Por blitzkat 01 de junio de 2009