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adverb & adjective, in an exhibitionist way
Jerome? He’s the guy in the flashy car at the corner.
Por Tiago Zuhr 25 de agosto de 2008
other word for cool, nice, sexy
Dude, flashy pants you're wearing today!
Por HuMaNbEiNg 18 de junio de 2005
When somebody is lookin especially sharp.
B1: Fuck that dude is lookin sharp.
B2: Really flashy lookin.
Por Blue-J 17 de mayo de 2006
A way of getting someones attention. Usually used to 'flash' someones highlight (in conjunction with the word that would actually set off the highlight) in programs such as mIRC and COGS.

also see FLASJUY
ChOiKoN flashy
Por Propagandhi 02 de marzo de 2004