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To try and have sex with someone.
"Are you trying to get fresh with me?"
Por Nicci 13 de abril de 2003
When the weather went from hot and stuffy to cool crisp air.
It's really fresh out right now that the sun went down.
Por princesspriss 21 de julio de 2013
clothing to keep you lookin good
yo i got's ta get ma fresh on.
Por p dizza 31 de marzo de 2003
1. 80s/90s way of saying 'cool'

2. A description of something too keen to be cool
as someone runs up to meet their friends under no time pressure

Person 1 (sees them coming): (he's) sooooooo fresh...

Person 2: Hiya guuuuyyyys!
Por tlbc11012 04 de marzo de 2011
Can be used in regards to cocaine use, usually accompanied by a chest thump.
"I feel fresh!" *thumps chest after doing a line of cocaine*

"Yo, do you wanna grab some fresh tonight?" (referring to purchasing cocaine)

"Let's freshen up, bro!" *thumps chest*

"I can't wait to get fresh, I'm fiending like a motherfucker!" *thumps chest*
Por Juice! 22 de marzo de 2010
1. something or someone that's cool
2. another way of saying "yo thats tight"
3. slick, sly, trying to put the moves on, hitting on..etc.
1. yo he's looking fresh; thats a fresh pencil, send it
2. o! i got to admit dats pretty fresh still
3. don't try to get all fresh nd wat with me, anthony. better keep your hands to yourself and keep it in your pants! damn yo i aint feeling u like dat! we just friends, aight? cool
Por onequeermarshmellow 09 de diciembre de 2008
Being Cool or Ungay.
That shirt is so fresh.
Por Chris Rutherford 11 de junio de 2008