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The act of running to a person and hugging them tightly with enthusiasm, followed immediately by rubbing or burrowing one's face into the recipient's neck or face.

This is usually done out of love or greeting, to express emotion and fondness.
Friend 1: Sorry about that, I didn't mean to take so long.

Friend 2: *fruffles* I missed you! Where have you been!?

Best Exemplified in the movie Ponyo, when Ponyo is reunited with Sosuke in her human form.
Por Solstice~ 15 de junio de 2012
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worked up feeling kinda crazy for a moment
freeking A aaaaaa damn fruffle
Por crab cake 11 de julio de 2006
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an idiot, dumbass, creeper, etc
Kayla: "What are you doing?"
Allison: "Hold on, i have to water my reed."
Kayla: "What a fruffle
Por j21andrews 18 de enero de 2009
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