OK, everybody seems to have their definitions of this nasty word. Here's one you all missed. It's the name of an indie band from the San Francisco Bay Area that got together around 1993 or so. They have put out several albums over the years. The music is pretty much alright, there are some good songs there, and their albums are critically acclaimed but because of the band name radio won't play their music, most record stores won't stock their albums, and most clubs won't book them. If it weren't for the Internet they probably wouldn't be going anywhere. Go to Wikipedia, type in the name and go to the proper entry. At the bottom of that page is a link to the band's website.
Fuck is a band that is in a situation where because of their name their prospects for success are limited. The success they have is largely due to word-of-mouth and of course, the Net.
Por Starpunk 19 de septiembre de 2007
Comes from the norwegian word for fuck, fukka, which the vikings brought in their invasion of england, to england.
1. A person of whom you are displeased
2. A person of whom sexual intercourse is had with
3.The act of sexual intercourse itself
1. To have sexual intercourse with (Transitive)
2. To have sexual intercourse (Intransitive)
3. To be put in a difficult situation
4. To be a victim of fraud
5. To tinker with
6. To damage
7. Used as a command to fuck (see V1)
1.Enhances Noun
1.Enhances verb
2.Enhances adjective
3.Enhances another adverb
1.Denotes surprise (Good or bad)
1. A small, insignificant amount
N1. That little fuck!

I1. Holy Fuck!

P1. I don't give a fuck

A2. That's Fucking Gay

V1. Bob Fucked Sally

V5. Stop fucking with that thing

V7. Fuck You! (Therefore Eseentially, The same as "Go fuck yourself")
Por Czar_Choi 21 de junio de 2007
possibly the one word that can be used in all parts of speech, also one of the most useful words in the english language
fuck you you fucking fucker
Por uwishu were me 31 de octubre de 2011
To engage in meaningless sex.
Boy: Hey your fine as hell

Random Girl: Aw Thank you!

Boy: Wanna go fuck?
Por AskingSevenfold 03 de octubre de 2011
Once when a mighty knight was honor by the King, the King would give the knight his choice of a maiden. When the knight took his maiden to his room, the King would post a sign on the door "F.U.C.K." which meant "Fornicating Under Consent of King."
"Fornicating Under Consent of King" F.U.C.K.
Por rwgoshen 01 de agosto de 2011
Why would anybody search up the word 'Fuck' on the dictionary? What kind of idiot are you, man?
Fuck you, you're such an idiot.
Por ioverusethewordfuck 29 de mayo de 2011
An acronym with no formal etymology:


"Formal Use (of) Carnal Knowledge"

----->Carnal; Adj: the flesh in terms of sex

Has been bastardized to many other definitions:
n.) in reference to a person causing frustration

v.) in reference to fornication
v.)in reference to ruining something beyond repair
adj.) used to emphesize what is being described
F.U.B.A.R = "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition"

(n.) "You dumb fuck!"
(v.) "It fucked everything up."
(adj.) "That's fucking stupid."
Por StylishHeadwound 01 de marzo de 2010

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