Top Definition
Doing something with your best effort or work.
He moved that car full force.
Por Anonymous 10 de agosto de 2003
When you have followed Obi-Wan's instructions to the fullest.
No. I am your father.
Por Trent 10 de agosto de 2003
To split a woman in two coz you fucked her so hard
I fucken gave that bitch full force cock goodness.
Por 6sic6 10 de agosto de 2003
old school R&B group...
Man Tender Love is my favorite Full Force song...
Por erinballohiostate 13 de febrero de 2005
all out; 100%
Tonight we are going out full force and painting the town!
Por Anonymous 11 de agosto de 2003
a powerful thrust, or hit, or application, to make energy or power.
1.) Man, i drilled her muffin full force!
2.) Dude, took a full force hit off the tokemaster!
3.) Yeah man, i applied his face full force with my fist.
4.) Alright dude, lets open these scooters up full force and get the dirty hell outta here!!!!
Por woody 11 de agosto de 2003
With all possible strength and power.
He ran and, with full force, slammed his opponent through the brick wall he had rested on.
Por Dark One 10 de agosto de 2003
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