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An imaginary number used to emphasize the vastness of something.
China has a gazillion people.

I have a gazillion dollars etc.
Por Gumba Gumba 14 de abril de 2004
an insurmountable amount/unit
Man, if only I had like, a gazillion dollars!
Por AshuraZro 25 de enero de 2005
A number between 7 and 13. A number that seems vast but isn't really, often used as an exaggeration.
I have a gazillion things to do today.

There were a gazillion people ahead of me at the checkout.

If I've told you once, I've told you a gazillion times.
Por eviljoy 23 de enero de 2010
The biggest amount of love ever and can't be beaten.
Wow Craig, I love you gazillions!!
Por mazdaaaa 26 de noviembre de 2008
A Whole lot of stuff
Whoa, there's a Gazillion of 'em
Por Hootie Who 05 de enero de 2004
I have taken a gazillions dumps at Wal-Mart.
Por amerpwr 02 de julio de 2014
A thousand zillion
Dan: Dude, would you go out with this girl in the next suite?
Alessandro: She's a dog. Not in a gazillion years.
Por $$H-money$$ 18 de octubre de 2003