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somebody who spits alot.
My friend is a gobber but I think gobbers are dirty bastards.
Por Emily 05 de abril de 2005
21 16
one who is extremely orange and walks like a person of a horsey nature
"look at that horse. it looks like gobbers"
Por iamachicken 08 de mayo de 2008
9 6
someone who gobsmacks you every time they go in for the tongue, a gobber will usually part-take in washing-machine movements when they finally gob you, be weary, these persons do not know how to kiss.
last night this guy/girl absolutely gobbed me out of nowhere, shite kiss too, absolute gobber!
Por slyndicate 15 de mayo de 2011
7 6
someone who argues an arbitrary point and refuses to end the argument regardless of evidence provided or outcome.
Bob is a "gobber" because he likes to argue with cindy even though she raised some compelling points in her argument.
Por sourcec0de 18 de febrero de 2014
0 0
a gob shite. Idiot. Slack jaw. Invalid. Sinead Foley
Sinead Foley is a gobber.
Por Vaaaampire 19 de mayo de 2011
4 11
A tree (latin name 'Mattundkanus gobberus') characterised by it's brown, bay leaf like foliage and large yellow fruit resembling coconuts. Often seen in a forest habitat around mushrooms, or on top of 21st birthday cakes.
Ayyy the gobber
Por Whyhallowthere 29 de agosto de 2008
5 14
A person of a gobshite persuasion.

ie. "what a gobber!"

"played it like a right gobber he did"
Por mr matusow 18 de enero de 2007
15 24