To stand over, watch, and also stalk someone as they are using the computer for personal conversations on AIM or AOL.
Tyrese got annoyed because Demarcus was hover crafting him when he was on the computer.
#annoy #stalk #to be nosey #stand over #pest
Por YoNasty 01 de junio de 2006
To hover your balls over a girls mouth while she makes a fan blowing noise.
Dude, this chick blew me and then I gave her a hovercraft.
#hover #craft #hovercraft #huvvercraft #huvver
Por Newsome 27 de junio de 2013
a person that hangs at dope( meth) house to get high for free. They will go from room to room hovering intill someone gets them high.As soon the person is out of stuff the hovercraft will immediately move on to the next person.
"how many hovercrafts are you going to let in your house?"" I hate seeing all these hovercrafts in your room""Do i have to throw a 20 pice out the front door to get you guys out of here"
#bag chaser #strawberry #golddigger #puddleslut #baghore
Por BIGFEETS_17 03 de diciembre de 2011
During anal sex, the "receiver" releases gas, that causes the "supplier" to experience a slight loss of contact.
Kenny gave Chris a hovercraft during their amazingly passionate gay intercourse.
#anal sex fart #queef #lift-off #hover craft #hover rcaft
Por Justin Rice, Carlton Kenney, Logan Revolt 28 de octubre de 2007
big ass car

ie: a cadilac sevile
yeah man, fuckin hovacraf' man.
Por Jonathan 02 de mayo de 2004
Someone who is always on the verge of passing out at parties or events with friends. Their head is usually doing a hovering or noding motion when you look at them..
D: Billy is hovercraftin' again
Billy: {wakes up} Huh....what...No man
#hover craft #hovercraft #hovercraftin #hoverin #hovering #hoverrcraft #passout #sleeping #drunk #narcolepsy
Por dirtyd420foryah 14 de octubre de 2010
to be bad at picking up broads. and having no wheels

man i cant pick up any broads tonight i am hovercraft
man i got no wheels i am a hovercraft
#square wheels #no wheels #not gong #terrible #bad
Por gongerstein 10 de febrero de 2009
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