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A word (used primarily by Brazilian gamers or those parodying them) similar to "haha" or "lol".
Terrible Brazilian LoL Player: (Dies to Rammus) TAUNT OP- hue hue hue

Other LoL Player: Shut up baddie.
Por Bloodlustftw 12 de diciembre de 2012
352 51
The new way to laugh at something, especially when it makes no sense at all!
I hue'd because of the lady got ass banged by a bottle. Hue Hue Hue Hue
Por TmenzZ 25 de febrero de 2014
3 9
A beautiful creative person capable of expressing themselves through words.
A person defined only by their words; devoid of age, gender, race, and sex.
To be a hue within the illhueminati
Por MeowHueCat 09 de junio de 2013
37 72
A fruity word that Baron cannot pronounce.
Hue is a city in Vietnam.
Por Viper007Bond 25 de junio de 2004
64 168
A hairy chested monkey who likes to say "huh?" a lot. It is sometimes to known to carry powered milk for some consider it a girl.
Me: Hue's milk is powered and very dry, like that pizza i ate the other day.

Michy: LMAO!
Por BlondiezNTreez 02 de febrero de 2008
26 160
A dope ass nigga who can twist a blunt like none other.

The funniest kid on Earth.
Jake: Yo man let me roll that blunt.

Vic: Fuck that let Hue pearl that shit!
Por DrakesGay 26 de agosto de 2008
55 196
a silly yet SMART girl who knows how to make people cry HAHAH
hue is a sexy beast...grrrowlll
Por ^_^ 03 de agosto de 2004
65 232