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the act of being humble while having a sense of humility.
I kept a state of humbility, while I spoke with the president.
Por Ryan Maffett 21 de abril de 2008
15 6
The continuous process of being humble
He showed so much humbility even after receiving the award.
Por lumzeegates 19 de mayo de 2013
0 0
N. The Abilty to be humble
Evan "I think the most important virtue is humbility"
Makan: "wait... are you serious?"
Evan: "what?"
Makan: "do you mean humility"
Evan: "I'm pretty damn sure humbility is a word, bro"
Por E-Hippo 03 de abril de 2009
4 5
The aility to be humble.
Yo man. Fahim has big humbility yo.
Por Dahliaaa Noodle 12 de mayo de 2006
8 25