Top Definition
A phrase used to describe a man with a large, equine-like penis.
Damn! You're, hung like a horse!
Por Paul Thundergod 03 de julio de 2003
used to describe someone with a huge penis
you are hung like a horse.
Por -rinder 24 de mayo de 2002
This term implies that a man has the endowment alike to that of a horse.Beyond 9". Seen as inhuman.
Stephen was hung 14 inches when erect and called himself the stallion king, he was therefore hung like a horse.
Por Andre 15 de junio de 2006
A phrase used to describe a very large penis of a blessed man.
CJ won a trophy for being hung like a horse, since the large size enabled him to produce the most cum during a competition.
Por racinqueenn 27 de julio de 2014
Big ass dick
Damn! That nigga is hung like a horse!
Por SluttyTeen14 31 de marzo de 2015
a huge dick hanging well below your knees, only special people have them.
Big D is hung like a horse
Por the reformingfranker12 04 de febrero de 2012
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