Anyone who doesn't know what this word means.
You looked this word up, your an idiot
Por still king 19 de noviembre de 2003
Simple minded fools that have nothing intelligent to say about politics so they insult the person, not the issue.
Most Liberals/Democrats have nothing intelligent to say about an issue therefore they are idiot(s).
Por C4FF31N3FR34K 02 de noviembre de 2003
Someone who needs to see a mentalist.
Youu Idiot..!
Por Magik 25 de octubre de 2003
Basically a less-harsh insult than saying "YOU DAMN FRIGGIN' MORON!"
Por Unknown Personthingy 21 de septiembre de 2003
Anyone who puts in a politician as the definition for this word.
LOL!!!!1 IDIOT = insert politician here!!11 I AM A COMIC GENUIS!!!1
Por Anonymous 15 de septiembre de 2003
1)A person below normal intelegence
2)A perswon that was dropped on their head at a very young age
Dumbass fucknut cumbubble bunghole Assfucker
Por Fuck Marlyn in da butt! 05 de agosto de 2003
A retard or a cretin with no brain cells or nerves in the arms.
Hey Splay! Shiggity-shiggity-shwa. Guess what, idiot?
Por B-Drac 02 de agosto de 2003

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