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The Jesus bus - Jebus.
"Take a ride on the Je-bus!"
Por TYRELL_ 09 de noviembre de 2006
4 8
A cool person that likes to have a laugh, very down to earth.
Ha, -Jebus- is so cool man!
Por DEADSiM2 01 de mayo de 2005
3 9
An archaic reference in a line from a My Morning Jacket song entitled, "Steam Engine".
"...take your money and your drugs
to anyone who wondered
what old jebus meant to me
take him out to go diving
in red patoka sea..."
Por Prof. Osled 23 de noviembre de 2009
6 13
An expression of surprise when something shocking or unexpected occurs
Jebus chrism that cumshot was long!
Por Hellfired 28 de noviembre de 2008
16 26
The guy on the Zig-Zag pack
Zig Zag Whites have jebus on the pack
Por Huge_One 10 de julio de 2008
6 18
Originating from the hit show, The Simpsons (more specifically, Homer Simpson), Jebus is a new way to say "Jesus" without real offense intended.
* Playing Runescape *
Epithanyseek: Oh, Jebus!
Metaldrsmom: What?!
Metaldr: What did you just say, Epithanyseek?
Por james_002 07 de abril de 2009
6 19
Variation of 'Jesus' first invented by Duke Ellington so as not to be beaten by nuns. Borrowed by Frank Zappa and, from there, by Matt G.
Jesus: Daaaaad, do I have a brother.

God: Uh, no, not that I know of.

Jesus: Then who's this 'Jebus' everyone keeps talking about?
Por mavi 30 de agosto de 2007
15 29