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A poorly grown or awful looking mustache on someone who has no reason to have one, so therefore it can be assumed that their purpose in having it is to assist in the task of catching jizz so it doesn't enter their mouth after they have performed the act of oral sex. Also can be called a "JC" for short.
Friend 1: Hey Ian, that mustache is both terrible looking and completely unnecessary, why would you sacrifice your looks and integrity to have it?

Friend 2: It's obviously so I can catch jizz so it doesn't end up in my mouth after I suck some dick idiot, they call it a jizz catcher, try and keep up homo.

Example 2

Friend 1: Man check out the jizz catcher that Carlos is growing!

Friend 2: Yeah man that's crazy, I hear they are really efficient though.

Friend 1: Efficient for what?

Friend 2: Catching jizz after oral sex do it doesn't get in your mouth!

Friend1: Oh ok, makes perfect sense now.
Por DunskyM 13 de abril de 2011
55 2
A loose bitch who is (or thinks she is) the queen of blow jobs.
Hey John, check out that girl at the end of the bar. Maybe you can hook-up; I hear she's a real jizz catcher!
Por Michele one fuckin L 13 de enero de 2010
53 42
one that catches jizz; specifically : that person's mouth
Keep runnin ur jizzcatcher n ur gonna be hurtin fa sho.
Por 907grrl 15 de julio de 2010
8 1
The dimples on the small of many woman's backs, high on their ass cheeks, that can collect or pool-up the cum that's shot there.
"Dude, I pulled out and blew it on her ass and the load filled both jizz catchers!"
Por jumpstart912 03 de marzo de 2008
6 3
The latex tube one adorns when fulfilling the wench.
Oh mate I haven't got any Jizz Catchers, you got any?
Por JobbyJabber 12 de mayo de 2012
1 1