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A woman's breasts. Especially when large and shapely.
I enjoy my jugs! Especially on a hot day when I wear a sleeveless T-Shirt!
Por Little Deby Big Boobs 21 de mayo de 2005
1246 213
something for keeping milk in
nice jugs there, Daisy
Por mike read 13 de agosto de 2003
856 229
A pair of breasts
"Look at those Jugs"
Por Mikeyman 19 de marzo de 2003
589 169
the best words to describe boobs
i love big jugs
Por rhcpgod 13 de agosto de 2003
421 146
something that betters one financially
bra,im low on doe, tonight im tryna make a jug.
Por louki$$ 05 de octubre de 2007
460 193
two huge breasts
yo did u see da jugs on dat bitch yo they were out 2 hear!!
Por MG 01 de noviembre de 2003
320 155
a woman's breasts(see also tits, hooters)
I could not believe that her jugs were already huge when she was 10.
Por Light Joker 29 de noviembre de 2004
313 150