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1.a common name, short for katharine or kaitlyn

2.a girl who is usually pretty and nice but a fake bipolar bitch a the same time
Katie is bipolar but i love her.
Por ABabe 13 de febrero de 2009
30 138
known for the round rims, a crazy bitch
katie go home youve had enough
Por 1jk1 24 de octubre de 2008
44 160
A hand job in a public place
Damnimhot will never get a katie in his life.
Wow! My girlfriend gave me an amazing katie last night.
Por paul smith of NY 20 de febrero de 2008
137 253
A backstabbing bitch who's pathetically jealous and flashes her pasty white, cellulite ass and beer belly thinking shes hot.
"Who the fuck is that gross bitch?"
"thats Katie"
Por MilkXOXOXO 27 de enero de 2010
34 152
verb 'to katie': to make a strange exhaling noise while backing into foliage.
Person A: Bruv, where's Tina?
Person B: I dunno bruv, she just katied.
Person A: She ain't comin back.
Person B: I lie.
Por mixymik89 10 de julio de 2008
51 169
poor unsuspecting woman that has no idea her boyfriend/lover/husband is gay
That girl is a total Katie! Her man has sleepovers with men...she thinks they are just all good friends from work that buy each other massage oils!
Por Tucker518 11 de junio de 2008
109 244
a katie is a person who loves to steal your friends while stabbing you in the back. a person who loves transforming virgins.
Dude! I heard that chicks is hella a katie!!
Por darklings 21 de febrero de 2009
49 195